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The Engel Bush Camp stage is the place to be at the Show to sit and relax, have a chat with the Show's special guests, hear some of their stories, and generally have a good time around the camp fire! The Engel Bush Camp Stage features, interviews with the Show’s special guests, product reviews, giveaways and more.

2017 SCHEDULE (Times subject to change)

10.00 Rick O’Brien - The Offroad Adventure Show

10.30 Pat Callinan - 4x4 Adventures

11.00 Scott Mason and Canon Collective

11.30 Mal Leyland

12.00 Roothy

12.30 Rick O’Brien -The Offroad Adventure Show

1.00 Allan Gray and Jillaroo Jess - Terrain Tamers TV (Sat & Sun)

1.30 Justin Montesalvo, Patriot Games

2.00 Mal Leyland

2.30 Roothy

3.00 Pat Callinan – 4x4 Adventures