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Catch up with Rick and Alicia from The Offroad Adventure Show!

Posted on October 8, 2018 | Author Sydney 4WD | Category

Rick O’Brien and Alicia Blythe from The Offroad Adventure Show are certainly no strangers to the outdoor and off road community.

Their passion is not only getting out there and experiencing it all first hand, but more so helping to inspire and encourage others to get out there for themselves to appreciate what an amazing country we live in.

When Rick isn’t 4WDing, camping, fishing and torturing fellow travellers with out-of- tune guitar tunes, Rick can usually be found behind his camera, capturing another treasured memory or cracking action shot for the Offroad Adventure Show.

Alicia has been around cars and 4WDs all her life, and it’s a love of automobiles that has been passed down through the generations, in fact she still helps her granddad with his extensive collection of vintage machines! But all it takes is one look at Alicia’s beloved 79 Series land Cruiser to know that she is the real-deal and she has the skills to pay the bills when it’s time to engage low range.

Rick is at the Show all weekend speaking on the Engel Bush Camp Stage at 11 and 1.40 each day.

Visit to check out more about The Offroad Adventure Show!

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