Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show presented by 4WD NSW & ACT

Overland Zone

NEW Overlanding Zone


Overlanding is a term that describes offroad remote travel for a long period of time. Overlanding requires the vehicle to be set-up for living, with ability to drive and set up camp anywhere, to cook, clean, sleep and exist completely self-sufficiently off the grid for an extended period of time.


True overlanders will spend their life savings and more on setting up their vehicle for touring and will continually be upgrading their gear as they figure out what works and what doesn’t, and what their needs truly are when they are travelling and camping. They will network with other overlanding travellers and share stories, ask questions and check out their vehicle set-ups, and get their tips to help them on their own journeys.


The 2022 4WD and Adventure Show is catering to overlanders with the new  Overlanding Zone which is part of the Club 4×4 Adventure Hub.


Travelers can visit the Club 4×4 Adventure Hub to get expert information, speak to those who are living the overland life, see their vehicles, and take away all the inspiration they need for their next overland adventure.