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Mega news: Patriot Games will be taking over the Sydney 4WD Show!

Posted on October 2, 2017 | Author Sydney 4WD | Category

With Series 1 just finished airing on Channel 9, and Season 2 already on the making, Patriot Games is THE biggest television show to come out of Queensland! Jason Montesalvo from Patriot Campers is taking his family to the edge of the earth – quite literally – as they test the limits of a variety… Read more


One of Australia’s greatest Game Changers – Len Beadell

Posted on October 1, 2017 | Author Sydney 4WD | Category

When you’re talking about Game Changers in Australia, it’s not just about companies, but about people too. Most Aussies have at least heard of Len Beadell, a surveyor and road builder – and a proud bushman – who was responsible for constructing over 6000 km of roads and opening up isolated desert areas (some 2.5… Read more


Get all the technical know-how on the Fourby Forum Stage!

Posted on September 28, 2017 | Author Sydney 4WD | Category

So you’ve got the gear, you’ve got the trip planned – but you’ve also got a few unanswered questions. Head to the Fourby Forum stage at the Show on Saturday and Sunday for all the technical know-how on 4WDriving! Hear from the experts on the latest in suspension and vehicle upgrades; get info on 4WD… Read more


In 1975, a young man from Melbourne called Tony Brown returned home after a 4WDriving trip through the top end of Australia. During his travels, Tony met a number of people who, also out exploring this great land of ours, had come in to trouble with their vehicles – broken bull bars or roof racks… Read more


A glimpse into the world of competitive rock crawling with the TG Rocks competition!

Posted on September 20, 2017 | Author Sydney 4WD | Category

Competitive Rock Crawling – it might mean nothing to some people, but to others it’s their whole world! Competitive Rock Crawling is something that most people don’t often get the chance to see. It’s often held in remote properties that can offer the right conditions – rugged isolation and rocky outcrops – basically all kinds… Read more

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